Locks and Keys

A Better You Blog, Locks and Keys (Image: A lock with 3 keys on a table)

I often use the analogy of locks and keys during sessions as metaphors for life. Without locks, there would be no keys. The funny thing about locks is the person with the key has all the control. They can let you in or keep you out. I found more happiness when I acquired more keys.

When people are stuck, they feel trapped. It’s like being confined to a dark room that you can’t escape. The only thing that keeps them trapped is not having the right key to get out. It doesn’t matter if they have a thousand keys. If they don’t have the precise key to match that lock, the door won’t open.

For those that are free to roam, they too can be stuck or unsure. They just see more doors in their travels. Yet, they suffer from the same dilemma. Both are sad and frustrated. They want to live. One door or a thousand – it makes no difference if you can’t undo the lock.

As you walk through life, the more knowledge acquired, people met, relationships formed or forgotten, books read, podcasts played, and life lessons learned will put keys on your keychain to open or close necessary doors for getting to the life you want to live.

If you don’t know enough, get educated. If you don’t know the right people, introduce yourself. If people are dragging you down, let go of them. If you’ve made poor choices, stop making them.

If you want to get to a certain place, you’ll need a key to start the car to get there. Rev the engine. Hear the motor purr. Put it in the right gear. Get off the brake. Hit the gas and go!

Start gathering your keys. Even if opportunity knocks, you still need a key to let them in.