What is the most valuable gift to give during the holiday season?

A Better You Blog, The Impact of the Holidays

As the world excitedly anticipates the fast-approaching holidays, not everybody has others to spend the holidays with. Some are going through difficult breakups and this could be the first holiday season without their usual partner. Many will use the new year as an opportunity to improve some aspects of their life.

Maybe it’s the instantaneous speed of getting stories from all over the globe or those very forums providing the availability of knowing everything about someone with a few keystrokes – there always seems to be a sad or tragic story at our fingertips.

Although many focus solely on presents, it’s always a good idea to give the gift of caring. Whether that’s giving ourselves a little slack for not being perfect or reaching out to someone that matters, we’re all in this together. I always tell people, and some of you may have heard it from me, nothing helps the cure for a funk or depression, or whatever you want to call it more than doing something nice for someone regardless of how it’s received.

You never know what someone is going through or how long they’ll be around even if their life currently seems wonderful. I’ve realized it’s our presence far more than our presents that matter most. Though someone’s effort and presence cost nothing monetarily, those things are invaluable for both you and them. Telling someone they matter can change a life forever.

For all of the people I met in 2022 and those in previous years, you matter to me. Rest assured, I think about you – that is probably why your ears are ringing.

Happy holidays and may 2023 be the best year ever!