Left Brain vs. Right Brain

A Better You Blog, Left Brain vs. Right Brain: Photo of Man Standing in Front of Illustration of Left Brain vs. Right Brain Traits

Recently, I was driving to work listening to the radio. The morning team was having an innocuous conversation about what they did over the weekend. One spent an evening at a theater and charity art exhibit. Her cohort replied about being unaware she was so left brained. They shared laughter about weekend shenanigans and what type of personality each was. When describing some quirky behavior, it’s not unusual for someone to pick a brain side to excuse it.

There are a lot of websites with particular tests claiming they can tell whether someone is mostly left or right brained. Despite the commonly thought notion, people don’t have a dominant side when it comes to the brain. If you like drawing and are good at it, that doesn’t mean you are simply more right brained. Though it is true the two hemispheres have certain functions, people don’t actually have a dominant side that dictates their personality, interest, and skill. There are other contributing factors or circumstances such as chance, environment, role models, economic resources, and determination (practice) that also play a part in someone liking and being good at something.